Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Easy way to connect to your subconcious and superconcious

I was very bad writer during college days  ..even writing one paragraph could be hell for me. but now u can see I can write. Day by day my writing and quality of content is improving. so whats the magic?

I learnt  connecting to my superbeing. ok let me explain, we  normally do two types of writing , one is writting reports, letters based on facts and data which  involves lot of concious thinking, and second  is to write some thing imaginary something from intuition. like stories, research, poems, ideas or fictions. where we dive deep in our memories. this very act of diving deep is nothing but connecting to our subconcious or super conscious mind which is a store house of infinte possibilities, which is source of unbound knowledge. In this article i will give u tips on how to connect to your sub conscious and super conscious mind, bcoz when we write using subconscious and super conscious we deliver unbelievably extra ordinary results. This technique will also help those who have freezing pen syndrome. I mean a situation, when minds goes blank as soon as one picks pen to write.

There are numerous technique in market. So task is to search the one which is easy for u. which u believe u can do easily. Interestingly one of the technique I developed for young kids and for my email friends who believe that they can't write good..they can't write interesting.
I suggest them to switch off the monitor next time they write on computer. ...relax your mind and think few minutes on topic take deep breath and start non stop writing using keyboard..don’t worry about the typing mistake jus go on typing as fast as one can…don’t give conscious effort to stop. jus type whatever comes to your mind .. go as fast as possible. No logic no conscious thinking jus do it mechanically and write whatever comes to your mind at that moment. dont think whether it is relevant or Irrelevant. U can start with 5 minute session. After 5 min stop relax for a while…n then switch ON monitor n see what u have written …it can b a total  garbage never mind. Give full marks to your self for writing 5 min continuously…u have broken bottle neck. correct the spelling link the thought consciously n make the para.even if is real garbage...now pick up the central idea and start over again dont worry. after few session this garbage will act like manure for new idea-plants.
Remember something is better then nothing. u wont find anything magical during first few session but as u will increase time to 15 min and ideal is 30 min u will observe the magical in u. and yes it was magical to many of my frnds. i insist on key board and computer bcoz it saves paper and more over editing is easy at later stage. but if u feel comfortable with paper and pen then also u can write similar way without stopping and pause…write what ever comes to your mind let it be unconnected absurd ..but don’t stop go on writing till u get 5 min or 15 minutes time u set. purpose of this exercise is to bypass conscious mind.
conscious will try to stop u immediately as soon as u do some spelling mistake or when u come across some random unlinked word...but important is not to stop keep on typing/ writing till u finish your allotted time. believe me with in few exercise session u will find as if some unexpected happened and ideas which never in your memories popped out. it clearly indicates that u were able to bypass conscious mind. whenever it happens it happens effortlessly...like newton under the apple tree..or archemedies in bath tub. and now u on keyboard!
so how will  u know that u were connected to your subconscious or super conscious...simple, ..read the content if u feel that whatever written was never in your conscious mind then it means u were with your super being. By this way u get break through ideas and concept which u can expand it consciously
Why minimum 15 min? right…more then 15 min is always better…:-)
bcoz our body works with 15 min time frame …its like 15 minutes on bed to sleep..15 min on dining table to finish food, 15 min to bath …..many many things we do with 15 min mind frame as if this  timer is set in us. so enjoy happy writing friends!!!

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