Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to see vivid with closed eyes

.Generally our mind will try to wonder randomly in dream, it will take u to some thought or a imagination of his choice and in next moment shifting to other. this way it will keep on shifting and changing. making it impossible to dream of your choice. .vivid imagination, lucid dream, day dreaming is th techinique which can improve concentration to a great can see vivid dream of his choice. Although  of the time dreaming leads to imagination and fantasy but we quiclky forget dreams

let me introduce simple technique …. it start with replicating view exactly with closed eyes. allow me to expain a little bit. whenever we see anything the image retains few milliseconds over retina…n that’s how we sense smooth motion in movies n TVand not the jerky motion. In initial stage I want u to visualize the reality around u with close eyes. view a scene with open eye for a second..then close your eyes to see your eyes as soon as things fades away,  don’t press hard to memorize.. open eyes see again n then  again close. It has to be done with relax mind… u repeat few more times on the same scene. practice it on a scene of your choice but remeber it should not generate any strong emotion or desire. so select simple but interesting scene of your choice. ..with in few days u will definitely see improvement. this will not change any physical characterstic of your eyes. instead with this practice your mind will start building image for u. With practice u will b able to see scene with closed eyes for longer time. as if your eyes are still open.

once u achieve this then rest is simple. start looking scene at different angle. start adding your imagination. like moving around the scene. see it animated. and its nothing but start of a lucid dream u will be able to control your lucid dream to a great extent. let it b for few second. this will also helps in concentrating mind too.

But to start with I m not insisting to dream imagination scene, instead stick to the actual scene. When u close eyes don’t try to give words to the scene..jus try to visualize…as if it is in front of u. if u can do it then u r the one of the few who have this capacity…Not all individual have capacity to see things vivid. But definitely u can try your category, and improve upon to some extent. Similarly musician can listen to the tune they make. Writer also has vivid capability but they use word to see things. Now u have to know your category. Once u know your self then u can enhance your capability! its up to u, how u use it later on!

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