Saturday, November 12, 2011

being Rational and irrational

This article is a outcome of discussion which took place between chat friends. Rational and irrational people blame each other for the world’s present situation. So Its aim was to explore rational and irrationals minds and to find how they can b used to make better world.
Irrational are considered as inconsistent with reason or logic, they are illogical and incapable of reasoning. They go by faith, custom and practices. They are often guided by fear, greed or desire. Where as rational are those who follow strict logical thinking. There decision and acts are totally based on fact and data. They are ready to correct and update themselves as soon as they come across new facts and data. Science and technology breakthrough is a result of rational thinking.
Rationality is guided by our conscious mind. as it is our conscious mind which can differentiate between logical and illogical thinking. It is our conscious mind which can analyse but the problem with conscious mind is that it delay action which is not suitable for flight or fight situation.
To over come time delay poses by conscious mind. Natures equipped us with subconscious mind which react immediately based on set templates signals. As soon as our 6 senses receives signal it is compared with set of templates preserved in our memory. if match occur it releases direct instruction to our body to act. Later on same signal is also analysed by conscious mind and if conscious mind also confirm then we carry on with the action otherwise we cancel it. For e,g we hear a sound of hiss…our body immediately come to alert considering it as a snake hiss sound. but later on our conscious mind notice that sound came form TV monitor and nothing to worry and we cancel our action.
Similarly when we watch movie. we laugh , we cry and fills with anger and fear in spite of fact that whatever we are watching is not real. It takes time to correct the impulse generated by subconscious mind. so one can see that our subconscious can not reason it just match template and act. Most of the time it tries to override conscious mind. One can mark subconscious mind as irrational mind because it can not reason. But it is fast. Basic purpose for both are to serve the best in given situation.
whenever we are under emotion like fear, anger, anxiety, chances are we are guided by our irrational mind. greed, desire, power, lust are also areas where irrational mind rules most.
under the extremes of  fear, anger, anxiety one abnormally and can jeopradise the whole scoiety fabrics That’s where concept of god comes...along with religion of customs, rituals, prayer, sign and symbol, god who punishes sinners and disbelievers and praise his true followers....hell or heaven, hence certain amount of irrationality is forced. How ever most of the war and massacre are the out come of irrational behaviour in us.

Now Question is, can we separate the two clearly!

No it can not be, because irrationality and rationality both are essentially present in our behaviour. Whenever we are under life threatening situation, or even  under greed, desire, power, lust our irrational mind takes over. World best scientist who considered to be rational on there scientific achievement were irrational when it comes to religion and private and personal beliefs. Riots and war proves that society and nation also behave under the impulse of irrationality. Later on when situation comes under control they apologize and feel sorry for the act. So any rational mind when comes under threat behave irrationally.
In pyramid structure society very few at the top want to control every thing in this world. And they use irrationality and rationality selectively. They creat a situation where rationality operated under irrationality. selective use of rational and irrational thinking by them has given a dangerous results. the civilizations who were running there system in conventional way suddenly equipped with deadly tools.
Few sitting at the top of pyramid produced most irrational and illogical behaviour in the world. Proclaiming you believe in peace and love, while attacking or killing people who are different, claiming you want to help people, while insulting everything that is sacred to them. Problem is less than 10% of religious followers apply any thought, reason, or rationality to their beliefs, they simply do and believe as they are told or taught to do from childhood. The more fanatic a persons belief, the less rational and reasoned. Hence religious fanatic are the simple tools for them to creat atmosphere of fear.
It is the fear saying a woman's only honorable purpose is to marry and have as many children as possible? And the result is millions of children die of starvation and disease, Trying to force social restrictions? People who live outside of the demanded social norm are shunned, abused, even committing suicide to escape. Trying to make everyone follow the same religion? Crusades and witch hunts and war.
Its true that life need control and discipline. otherwise its uncontrolled condition will paralyses systems, we r social animals and needs a coordinated efforts to survive. So control of self and discipline of self, yes. Teaching control and discipline to your children, yes. Controlling and administering to rum city life is yes to certain extent. But controlling the world? Controlling other nations? Controlling nature? Controlling other religion. Trying to control other people's thoughts and beliefs and lifestyles and rights? No. That is what has gotten us into most of the problems we have.
In a multi culture and multi religion with extreme financial inequality world social structure with few at top controlling every aspect of human life is not ok. So Life isn’t always about control. Sometimes it’s about simply flowing with where life takes you. The need to control all aspects of life is part of what brought about fanatic religious oppression, weapons of mass destruction, war, etc.
Whenever fear rules our mind it always act irrational. It is the fear in Some rational minds who invented mass destruction weapons. Sometimes an atmosphere of fear is generated to market products, When it is used as marketing or political tool it becomes more deadly. let be war for weapons or a viral terror for vaccine.

Try creating an atmosphere of love and brotherhood as our rational mind is at best in such atmosphere.

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