Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai attack

(its mix of hindi and english=hinglish ) Yesterday incidence in mumbai has made this more revelant again. Its a blog on 26/11/2008 Mumbai attack. U can too refresh those news and read this. I would like to discuss with u on this let us see where our discussion leads… Let us go beyond right n wrongs to get into the roots. I m sure it will certainly enhance us. I know its not a easy task waise bhee easy kuch nahi hai. So get ready for 180 deg turn n b serious..yes dear kabhi kabhi serious hona chahiye…bcoz its good then crying afterwards…when I posted this article to mails frnds I got mixed replies. But nothing gone into discussion..let us see how u react…next 2 weeks I will b around n in Mumbai only…whenever possible I will try to check mails too.

So read…n comment!

Again one more serious attack on countries major city…Ek bar phir mumbai atankwadi hamle ka shikar hui. Jisney dekha wo dar se saham gaya…phir gussey se ubal pada. That’s wat a common people do. Aor phir kuch dino bad hum sab bhool jayengey…na hamey ye din yaad rahega na ye incident…we will b sitting in front of tv to hav some more spicey news aisee news jo hame dara sake hame thrill de sake hamey maja de sakey jise bare mei chaay kee chuski yaa phir yoonhi paan chabatey hue uss par baat kar sake. Media too would be desparate to hav more of this so that there TRP is increased. Kyonki unhe 24hrs ke liye masala news chahiye. Nahi to viewer bor nahi ho jayengy. Aor agar viewer bor ho gaya to unki TRP ka kaya hoga..!!

Now it is clear that we r at war. Aor ye war kisi desh ka kisi doosre desh ke khilaf nahi hey. This war is between shetaniyat n insaaniyat. Shetan jiski shakal to insaan jaisee hai but deemag shetan ka hai. Inka koi desh nahi hai koi dharam nahi hai. Wo dikhatey hamare jaise hai but wo hamse alag hai. They want to destroy the basic delicate fibre of the society. Inhe aap moot ka dar nahi deekha saktey… and they have prooved this again n again. There number is increasing day by day.

yaad hey na ek kahani kee ek rakhchhas ko devtaa jab bhee martey thai to uski har boond jo jameen par girti thee us sey ek aor rakhchhas paida ho jata thaa…eske babjood bhee wo rakhash khatam hua .... …tha..par kaise kuch yaad hai…?

Waisa he ek aor rakhchhas hamre samne hai. they r in millions…and now found all over the world. They use our resources lawfully/unlawfully. Underworld is there life support system. Dar aor dehshat ke mahol is good for them. Ye aap ke pados mey ho saktey hai apkey colleague ho saktey hai. Ye apka apnaa ladlaaa ho skata hai. So let us think seriously kee how to isloate them…wat we should do that they don’t get advantage of our system. How we can make them weak. How to make sure that we r not directly or indirectly helping them.

we can not remain neutral either we are with them or we are against them.

Major concern is the role of media. media has to think seriously on this issue..knowingly or unknowingly they are helping them by spreading there message across the world. They try to cover event live so that we get news without delay. And wat we do after getting to the news !!!

by doing live telecast terrorist are at advantage. Live telecast spread Dar aor dehshat. They get publicity across the world without delay. and they get latest updates. Hence they plan stragtegy accordingly. Attacking hotel taj…or nariman buliding was to get publicity world wide. And to get there logical n illogical demands fulfilled. And terrorist are happy n smiling as media did publicity for them free.

Is that so important kee usey common public ko live deekhaya jaye. What advantage a common public gets out of it. Think over it seriously. Bcoz these news is there weapon. Can’t we make a system that news goes to the immediate concern. N then in later stage worlds knows how we won over them. That’s what islariel n Americans r doing, they don’t wait for people/ world opinion they excute with no time delay. And then show wining story to the world.

Do u feel that fighting against terrorsim is NSG/ security forces jobs! there any role of common man in fighting against terrorism?

I m sure tons n tons of phone must b ringing of those who r staying in mumbai but r not from mumbai. like those who r here on duty. Unke gharwale unhe wapas surakhshit bulane chatey honge…they must be telling ke bahar mat nikalana. Kanhi jana nahi…teen char din kaam par  nahee jao..akele tumhare bal par mumbai nahi chal rahi….etc..etc. common people has major role to play….And the role is not to panic. And help administration in normalizing the situation. I invite u to think on this issue seriously n decide do n don’t for us. Few of them I am listing below….do a little brain storming add your ideas to it.

1. most of us use mobile phone. Store your emergency contact number against ICE (in case of emergency) it is internationally accepted code after 9/11 blast. This will help rescue team to identify your emergecy contact.

2. Don’t panic. Perform your daily duties kee jaise kuch nahi hua.

3. Help administration and security forces to perform there duties.

4. Raise voice against those who delay decision.

5. Make yourself aware about your padosi…your colleagues. terrorism is at doorstep. one has to be vigilant.

6. don’t discourage your family memebers in performing there duties. Rather u should feel proud that they are helping to make the situation normal.

7. if u find suspect or suspecious object…. Act fast.

8. And if u see news alive n at any point of time  u think that this can give advantage to terrorist…phone to the news channel to stop telecast immediately.

9. look around u…n see that none of your act is towards unjustice. Bcoz later on it becomes the breading ground. Those who r joining terrorist group…are the people jo hamse naraj hai. Narajgi kee wajah is injustice.

10. ??

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