Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dynamic electricity tarrif idea

Electricity has brought infinite possibilities to the life of people. Once used to it. It’s user can’t imagine life without electricity, that’s why demand is increasing day by day. This has created more demand then our power plants can cope. More over uneven distribution of electricity over the period of 24 hrs worsen the performance of power plants. Now a days peak load can be as high as 40% of base load. This creates immense stress on grid resulting in sudden collapse of poor quality of electric supply.
Electricity distribution is a complex system of network which connects generation to the user. Ensuring stability of the system requires fine balance of generation and consumption. If supply is more then demand or demand is more then supply, in both case complex network system can become unstable and collapse. It has happened many times in past
To some extent this problem of uneven loading can be solved by implementing 24 hours variable tariff plan for electricity users. This can ensure even distribution of power demand over the 24 hrs of the day. it is possible with  present technology. High rates at peak hours and low rates during lean demand will encourage users to plan activity to take advantage of it. This will ensure load as per base load all the time and avoid sudden peak loads.
Best way to judge overloaded grid is by frequency so metering can be designed in such a way that at low frequency it generates higher units and when frequency is higher it generates low units. Or else electrical meters can have sim card which are connected to the main server form where online rates are fed.
Trend of energy use is made available to users by which user can plan his works accordingly one can decide over using electricity with high rate at peak time to the low rate at lean time. Individual can set rates higher limit meaning that whenever rates crosses certain value as fixed by user, will automatically shuts off/ gives warning alarm to decide whether to remain in grid or get out of grid
Meters should have facility to meter pump in or power out and i.e. these meter should have reading both ways this will encourages distributed powers generators to pump in power to the grid. This will encourage user to install and operate micro power generating / storage units.

Era of mega power will over by next 2 decade. Next will be mini or micro power generator installed by individual user using solar , wind, biofuel, and such system will help these user to become self sufficient in power.

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