Monday, May 6, 2013

Trekking Tips You Might Not Have Heard Elsewhere

1. Trek at your own pace. It's not a race. You're not here to compete with the rest of the group.
2. Do not leave the group and wander off alone. If you find you're lagging behind, try to pair up with a buddy.
3.As a extra precaution use good quality polythene bag to line your rug shacks from inside. This will ensure that incase your bag gets wet things inside bag will remain dry.
4. Trek with pros. They know what they're doing.
5. Never be the first person in a line of trekkers. You will also be the first person to walk into spider webs.
7. Never wear flat soled shoes.
8. Always wear wide rim hat to protect face from direct sun and rain.
9. While walking up or down a steep curving bend, it's less effort to walk around the outer edge of the bend, but also longer. It's a trade-off.
10. While walking down a slippery slope, either take long confident strides, or slow measured steps. In the former, you might fall down less, but fall hard. In the latter, you might fall down more often, but lighter. It's a trade-off.
11. While trekking, wear anti-perspirant, not deodorant. 
12. Have enough practice to ignite fire easily and effortlessly. Keep enough pieces of camphor as it is solid but highly inflammable nad helps a lot ingiting fire under wet conditions
13. If you're not a smoker, never trek with smokers.
14. Do carry food items which carry larger amount of carbohydrates.
15. At drink stops and lunch stops, take off your shoes and socks, take out your insoles from your shoes/boots and dry them in the sun, look after your feet and they will look after you.
16. Walking poles/ sticks, they ease the load on knees and thighs on descents and give you one extra leg’ on steep ascent and descent. They can also be used to help clear vegetation and have numerous uses in a campsite. Definitely one to try.

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