Friday, December 16, 2011

Why don't we just live life?

Why don't we just live life?
we can't, we are born with minds and not with tails. Mind which question every thing around us. Explore every thing and that’s the reason we reached to present stage of our existence. We came out from caves and now living this life. The quest to know who we r why we r, what we r, how we r and where we r will keep our minds exploring and reasoning every thing around us until and  we find answer.

why don't we just live the life we have and treasure every single minute we spend here with our loves one and the people who we can meet?
… yes our ultimate goal is to live here with our love ones and with the people we  meet. But there are forces around us not allowing us to do that all time and at all places ..let it be the forces of natural calamity …disaster, disease, environment or simply war. So there has to be some one from us working consciously and continuously on it.

Its perfectly ok to live the way world around us offers. most of us live that way only. its like running on trade mill but some of us dare to step down and moves away from it. global issue like environment, hunger and population can not be addressed properly without knowing the reason of our being. the more we r knowing about mystery of life ..the more we r close to the solutions. as i said till now u could live your life the way u want but as we progressing we r getting more global. it means that even though your acts are in perfect harmony with local surroundings, some one else can make your life hale!

Finding answer to the basic question will remain valid to the curious mind of some of us. recent news that scientist has invented chip which replicate human brain thinking...if that’s true...then we will see an massive change in next few decade. where we will b surrounded with designer babies and human means what! wonder when u come across ‘terminator’ ( hope u hav seen this movie..:) like situation when war will be fought by machines. When these machine will be designed to kills humans and only humans.

today Also war is getting more with machine but right now these are controlled by humans..but later due to its complicacy it will be controlled by more intelligent machines who can think like we do…? So if we don’t know our own true purpose and jus go with knowledge and science where it will lead to...very theoretical and very imaginative question but some body has to work on it before its too late.

… look if we don’t do some other will do…and it is not necessary that they will take care of us too… In India, today most suffered population r our tribes. They were in total harmony with nature, keeping there desires and need to the bare minimum.  in that way they lived there life with nature for thousands of years.   They are now at the verge of extinction due to non of there fault. there forest …river and mountains are exploited by so called smart and intelligent civilization. It means being simple and harmonious is not the perfect way of living. As today it will not take us long on the road of survival. Those who think and act global will decide world fate.

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