Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Earth hour

hi frnds ..

Today is earth hour from 20:30 to 21:30 hrs we all r suppose to switch off power of all non emergencies installations right !!!!


Why..? bcoz we r told that this will raise awareness on the issue..gr8!!!

Now my todays question..why do we need to do all this today.. do u think that public or agencies all over the world r not aware on environmental issue. they all know about depleting fossil fuel and increasing co2 in atmosphere. In fact all of us knows about it.

it is easy for us to celebrate a single day that too for an hour on environment issue n declare yourself committed sincere and caring citizen right!!
why!... bcoz real commitment demand much more. Recently in IPL(cricket touranament) opening ceremony all no-1 international players signed over the plastic earth globe as a symbol to save environment. And very next second they switched huge halogens panels to light to entire stadium and millions glued to their TV's, that too not for a single day but for many days to come… the game which was designed to be played in broad day light is played under the hallogens.


Bcoz it’s a huge commercial advantage to them and to the sponsers. n public...we all were watching TV's like addicts. Do u think we have any serious concern on the issue. that’s the pseudo behaviour our society is adopting…

huge shoping complex fully A/c. and we all luv those maals. gov is pressed hard to run fully a/c trains. non a/c cars is out of fashion all wants a/c cars. it is no more considered luxury, No wonders why there number is  increasing exponentially..
we all knows its inpact on environment ?
if we all want this then earth warming is must. bcoz mother nature is not going to change rules for idiots like us. day by day our collective awareness is decreasing we r acting more like an individual.we are not ready to change our life style and the model of progress. The model of progress we adopted for our society will keep on increase in demand of power and u know the reason why….we all want countries gdp to grow more..means what!..

Following the western model of progress which means. more industries more cars more a/c more luxury. That too we expect it grow more then 10% that too not in advanced countries, but third world country like our is also in a cat race..

tell me by adopting this very model how long we can go….the life which survived all odds for millions of years has reached to its extremes in jus 200 yrs. By the end of 21 century this will b more worse..no earth hour can save u form its effect. In coming days crisis will b more I can see it clear that in coming days we will b having a diff environment and humanity has to evolve genetically to face changes. or else b ready to get extinct. so what can we do today...oye nothing ..jus cool n live the way u want. dont change anything. ...today tiger tomorrow u

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