Sunday, October 17, 2010

BHEL Bhopal unit of YHAI organises Narad Gufa Trek

Bhopal, January 17, 2010

The Youth Hostels of India BHEL unit organised a daylong trekking for its members. The 67-member team trekked from Patni Village of Bari (Raisen district) to the natural caves, ‘Narad Gufa’. The purpose of the trekking was to get adventurous spirit to the members.
After reaching the entrance of the cave the members entered into it one by one. Inside the cave it was full darkness and with the help of big torches they moved in groups for about 450 meters. The team felt that there was no shortage of oxygen in the cave and apart from bats no other living creature was found inside it. They were surprised as to how the Sadhus lived and offered pooja and prayer in the darkness of the cave. They could see proofs of the Sadhu’s life and pooja like ‘havan kund’, trident, pictures of gods etc inside the cave.
Inside the cave there were several paths to caves on all sides and these caves had no end. Still members of the team explored most of the caves to some extend and returned safely. The team included children of five years to men of 65 years. Some residents of Patni Village helped the team in the trekking.

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