Thursday, October 24, 2013

SMP 89th experience sharing



 click pictures to enlarge

 a team of 19 for 10 days sharing and learning . thanx for HRDI BHEL Noida for giving such a palteform.  i will be uploading picture after little bit editing for its size...have a nice day

please do post anything which u want to share on this page to



  1. i m expecting response ....let us see who react first....

  2. Introduction in Hindi is very good. Hope our friends from Trichy understand. I always appreciate good hindi. I don't know how to type in Hindi, otherwise I would have commented in Hindi. Where are the other photographs.CD also has very limited photographs.

  3. धन्यवाद विद्या जी, मैं सभी से इ-मेल पर अनुरोध करूगा की वो pics को मुझे मेल करे जिससे मे उन्हे upload कर सकू. जंहा तक हिंदी मे टाइप करने का सवाल है वो आसान है क्योंकी अब phoenetic keyboards की मदद से आसानी हिंदी मे टाइप किया जा सकता है, उसके लिये next blog में details post करता हू